Hello and welcome!

My name is Utkan , I am the creator, camera man, editor, social media director, webmaster  of Master Of None . Channel name came from me being interested in many things and not having the time or patients to “Master” that skill. Plus I have worked on many tings for work or just interest, like metal work, wood work, electronics, computers, general repairs, welding, Arduino, RC Cars, Drones, electrical, plumbing carpentry,  locksmithing, and many more I can’t recall at the moment.  In 2006 when YouTube was just starting up I created my account (not this one) and uploaded a video of me chasing a rat on the alleys of Chicago, couple of months later I filmed the problems I was having with my Van then videos of solutions to problems on washers, cars, puzzles.. None of this videos was edited in anyway, it was uploaded directly.  After watching people like Bob (I like to Make Stuff) Jimmy DirestaMarc J. Spagnuolo  I wanted to be part of the maker community. I still work full time and have two kids and a wife. So I do not have enough time to make as many of projects I want (or YouTube expects )